New Moon in Pisces 23 Degrees

New Moon in Pisces 23 Degrees

On March 13, 2021 we experienced the New Moon in Pisces and Venus conjoined Neptune. This was a powerful new moon to set you intentions for your dream future. 
This painting is about welcoming in those energies and gently working with them to set simple, yet vivid intentions and dreams for the future of my family, my purpose, and my business. 
Venus is the planet of love, money, and beauty. I have struggled with each of these things. My intention for moving forward is to focus on intuitive simplicity in my art and work. I have spent far too much time not following my own instinct or just not listening to it. 
This painting shows me so clearly though that when I do follow that voice BEAUTY and LOVE come through to the surface. My surface. From deep within me this is the beauty and love I am meant to show to the world. 
Ironically my North Node is in Taurus. My future destiny and greatst potential is when I embrace the energies of love, money, and beauty in a calm and stable way while having fun and being creative. Well, the experience of creating this painting beautifully embodied all of these things. 
So, this is my intention. To move forward embracing these energies while working with the planetary waves. To create art that comes from deep within me to bring love and beauty to the surface to share with the world. After all, this is my destiny and greatest potential!
12"x16" acrylic on archival canvas board. Shipping to continental US included, please email for international or outlying territories/states. Framing not included.



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