Close Call at Crestwood

Although the sky had been gloomy all evening, slowly the grey clouds rolled away and some of the most gorgeous sunlight began beaming through the windows allowing for a perfect view of the Blue Ridge mountains for miles and miles. As we prepared for guests to arrive, getting the dining hall at the beautiful Inn at Crestwood ready for our painters, everything was in order for a perfect night of painting and camaraderie. Our artists began arriving to the venue, and as we began pouring paint for everyone, we realized there was one major problem: we didn’t bring enough paint!

That’s putting it lightly. I FORGOT an ENTIRE case of paint at home… only 45 minutes away.

You may or may not be familiar with paint parties and how they function, but generally it helps to have something which can be used on the canvas. So I had to make a judgment call, improvise or freak out?

Thank goodness I had two wonderful helpers/employees/life savers in Ashton and Avery to help get through the debacle. I sent Avery to put his racing skills to the test and retrieve the paint, while Ashton and I got everyone started that we could, also encouraging our guests to see what lovely food items the Crestwood Kitchen was serving that evening, hoping no one got too bummed about having to wait to start their masterpiece.

As everyone began settling down to really start on their paintings, in comes Avery with a bag full of paint, and let me tell you, as a result, we had one happy Heather. We were able to get everyone supplied with the proper paint materials needed, and as the evening went on we began to see one amazing painting after another. Both smiles and faces of concentration filled the room as the evening rolled on.

Our artists began finishing up, and as I saw the joy and pride they had after completing their artwork, it made me realize why I wanted to do this in the first place. I want to bring people happiness and something to look forward to with my parties, and no matter how tough it may be to organize and ensure everything is perfect for someone’s night out, it always pays off to see how excited everyone gets once they begin painting.

This past few weeks has been very tough, being away from my partner, Wade, for so long and having to manage things around here solo. Thank goodness that he is finally back home, because Lord knows I need his help, not only for the business, but for my sanity as well! I know that with Wade back around, being able to brainstorm and help me execute all of my crazy ideas will be a lot me doable than they have been lately.

Hopefully if you’re reading this you’ve attended one of our parties and have experienced a night with Paint Your Wings for yourself, but if you haven’t, this summer would be a perfect time to pick up a brush, leave your cares behind, and paint something beautiful!




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