Interview with Heather & Wade

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you come to own a Paint Party Studio? 

I originally started the studio in 2007 and you might remember us from our store front at New Market Center. I had worked at a Paint Your Own Pottery studio over college breaks and LOVED the atmosphere and customers. I wanted to open my own, so I found ways to make it happen! I did have to close the storefront in 2010 due to life changes, however Paint Your Wings always lived on in my heart. In 2017 I told Wade about my dream to reopen. He said “absolutely, let’s do this!!!” We put together our plan and reopened as a mobile studio in November 2017. Since then we have hosted events in many private homes, and other businesses like Studio K, Carolina Pizza Company, The Inn at Crestwood, and churches like The Rock, Boone Advent Christian Church, and Alliance Bible Fellowship. In an effort to better reach our customers on their busy schedules we have moved to Virtual Paint Parties so you can paint on your own time at a lower cost while receiving more services! 


Who are you painters, exactly? 

Women, and a handful good hearted men! Our customers are fun loving people, typically 30-70 years old, who are looking for a way to connect with their community or even make new friends. They are people with children and spouses who are looking to invest some time in themselves and their friendships. They want the choice to put down their phones and be together, painting allows them to do this. They are people who want to be with others outside of family, work, and regular hobbies.


What happens if someone is not creative or artistic at all? 

I love this question! My favorite painters are the first timers. Not just to Paint Your Wings, but to a paint party! You do not need a shred of creativity or artistic ability AT ALL, honestly! We are here to help you with step by step instruction, written down steps you keep at your painting, and visits from us our our employees. We can even help you with the first few strokes to get started. Our paintings are set up to be easy at first and progress you into the “harder” techniques gently, and then bring you back down to easy techniques. You will feel so proud to sign your name at the end of the night! Here is a direct quote from one of our painters, “People step outside of comfort zone, get encouragement, turn a tight painting into something beautiful and flowing, and leave feeling a sense of accomplishment.” 


How are you different from other paint party studios? 

Firstly, we offer “painter’s choice”. You don’t have to paint the same thing as your neighbor! We specialize in hand built wood plank canvases. We are not hesitant to offer you beautiful stencils to aid in your design! We will help you with strokes on your canvas to help you be more comfortable. We provide you written instructions in addition to verbal and visual instruction. At many other studios, only verbal and visual are offered. We are often told what makes us so different! We show up for our events 100% present and at your service. We want you to feel comfortable and confident and like we have been friends for years. We are so incredibly grateful for each of our customers and we let that shine so brightly during our events. However, I think the best differentiation is our community of painters. We see the same customers event after event after event. And they have become friends with us & each other! They joke with each other and look forward to seeing each other at the next event. Our painting tribe is truly what sets us apart from every other paint party studio. 


What results can your painters expect? 

Unique beauty that is completely their own! We are there to provide an inspiration for people to work from. We encourage the use of changing up the painting to fit your style, home decor, and individuality! Painters can expect to leave the night with a beautiful painting to hang or give as a gift. Painters can also expect to have fun at a non-competitive & cross generational event, enjoy great conversation and food at one of our select restaurant partners, LOTS of smiles, and to feel a glowing joy at the end of the night. 


Can I see the results of other people’s paintings? 

ABSOLUTELY! Check our our small gallery on our home page or check out TONS of photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages! We post photos after each party to showcase the REAL results of our painters. Let us know which ones you love! 


Do you host private parties? 

Absolutely. We will bring the party to you! It can be at your rental cabin, your home, or even at your favorite restaurant. We require a $450 minimum and each painter can register and pay on their own. You just invite your friends! Please book a call here to discuss your event. 


Do you host community, church, or group events? 

Absolutely. Similar to private parties, we bring the party to you and just require a $450 minimum. We can set up a page for individual payment or your organization can pay us a $100 deposit and remaining balance the day of the event. Please book a call here​ to discuss your event.


How long does an event last? 

We arrive 1.5 hours ahead of the start time to set up. The event lasts 2.5 hours from the start. It takes us about 45 minutes to breakdown and clean up. Total we look at about 5 hours. 


What do we do to prepare for an event? 

If you are hosting a private party, invite your friends! You will likely need to remind folks a few times to register and we will do that too! About a month in advance is enough time for people to plan their schedules and finances for the event. We recommend inviting about 25 people to ensure you can meet the minimum order requirement. Not everyone will be able to come, but about a third of them will be able to! You will need to have all tables and chairs up and ready for our arrival. If they are not setup, it could delay the start time of the party. 


What do you do to prepare for an event? 

First, we work with you to pick the paintings for your event. Then we put up a Facebook invite for you to invite your friends. We will also provide you with an email invite if you prefer for any friends you have that don’t use Facebook. We setup a page on our website that clearly indicates your party and date with the painting options available. We set a deadline for registration to ensure we can order in cutouts and hand build canvases. This should be considered by yourself and your friends to be a strict deadline as we are a small family run studio. We ensure we have a variety of fun paint colors, clean brushes, palettes, and tools, and pack up all equipment in an efficient manner for easy transportation to the event. We arrive about 1.5 hours before the event to set up the tables, fill water jars (which we provide), setup easels and the paint station. 


How do I register for a public party? 

Anyone can come to our restaurant parties! Just go to, pick your party, and pick your painting! Check out is easy and intuitive on the website, but if you have problems let us know! 


What ages do you paint with?

We love painting with all ages! You will see parties for “all ages” and parties for “adults only” on our page. For private or community events this is determined with the host. Be sure to confirm if your event is an “adult only” party or a party for all ages. We are strict on this as so many of our customers look forward to a night with just adults. They are stay at home parents or parents that work and evenings are filled with young ones and this is a break for them. Thank you for being respectful of this request. Please note as stated on your ticket, if you buy a ticket for a child to an adult event, you may be asked to pick a party for all ages instead and prohibited from painting. Again, this is not to be mean to anyone (we LOVE kids!), it is just meant to protect our adult customers to have a safe space to let loose a bit :) 


What kinds of payments do you accept? 

You can register online and pay securely via Square or PayPal. Our Square payments accept all card types. If you need to pay in cash or check that is also an option, however reach out to us in advance to get your registration. If you register to pay by cash or check the night of the event and don’t show you will not be allowed to pay by cash or check in the future. You will be required to pay in advance online. 


I’m not sure I’m able to do a complicated painting yet and I don’t want to waste my money. What are my options? 

We totally get it! We also know you won’t waste your money :) If you’d like a smaller investment we do have smaller and easier painting options that start at just $25. These are easy to achieve paintings that look beautiful and easily build your confidence! If you decide at the end of the night that you don’t like your painting, we have a 100% money back guarantee. If you use the guarantee we will keep your painting and refund your money in full. 


I have a family and a busy life, how am I supposed to fit in a paint party? 

#thejuggleisreal We get it. Fitting in a paint party is an intentional choice to give yourself a gift, a space in your time to care for yourself, connect with others, get off your phone, and breath a little deeper. We post all of our events 3-4 weeks in advance on Facebook so you can plan in advance your time, finances, and child care. We offer early bird discounts of $5 to email subscribers (so get on our email list!). I can’t promise you that you won’t return to the same busy life. You probably will and how lucky we all are to have so much love to share and care for in our lives! I can promise you that you deserve to take time for yourself, you are worthy of it, and you will have a great time. Fitting in a paint party to your busy schedule is a way of saying to yourself that you are lovely, valuable, and worthy of self love. Seriously. Life will always be busy, so plan time for you, ok? 


Ok, I’m ready to do this, how do I register for an event or book an event? 

If you want to register for a restaurant event go to and pick your date and painting and follow the links through the checkout process. If you want to book an event for a private party or community follow this link to request a call with Heather or Wade.