We are so grateful to our incredibly community for completely booking our calendar for 2019 with Christmas Tree Parties! We have TWO public parties left that you can attend. 

November 7th with Watauga Women in Leadership

November 9th with First Baptist Church of Blowing Rock

Curious about having a Christmas Tree Party?


  1. How do I schedule a party? Submit your request at this link. We will set up a call to learn more about your community, desired party date and make sure you get your ideal party. 

  2. How many people do I need to have for a private party? At this time, at least 12 tree painters. This may change depending on demand for dates. 

  3. How long does the party last? Parties last about 2 to 2.5 hours. If a party goes over 3 hours we charge the host $25 per each additional half hour. 

  4. How do I reserve my party date? We require a deposit payment for one tree, a $50 minimum.

  5. What is a semi-private party? If you don't have enough people to meet the minimum, we will pair you with another party that also has not met the minimum. This is a fun way to enjoy your community and meet some new friends! 

  6. Can non-painters come? As long as the minimum number of trees is met and space allows, absolutely! All of our attention will be focused on those painting trees. 

  7. Where is the party? As a mobile studio, we come to you! The party can be at your home, church, office, community center, or a favorite restaurant (pending their approval). 

  8. What if I don't have a location? We have several partners we can work with for your requested date and time. This could offer a great way to enjoy a meal and drinks while painting with your community. 

  9. How far do you travel? We currently travel within NC, SC, VA, TN, and northern GA. The minimum number of trees raises the further we go. Please let us know where you are at this link. 

  10. How old do the painters need to be? Any age is welcome at our Christmas Tree Parties. While we specialize in adult women (they are our JAM!!!), we love painters of all ages and gender backgrounds. Please note, we are NOT a child care service. If you have young guests that require special attention or care this should be arranged by the host or parent. We will request parents to address their child's needs if the party is affected. 

  11. What do we need to have? Tables and chairs should be setup before our arrival. If hosting at your own location you may have food and drinks. If you have round tables you will need to provide table cloths. You will need access to water to rinse brushes.

  12. What do you provide? We bring all the trees, paints & glazes, brushes, palettes, water jars, paper towels (for painting, not food), rectangle and square table cloths, & helpers.

  13. What is the difference between acrylic painted trees and glazed and fired trees? Acrylic trees are painted with acrylic paints. We provide high quality craft acrylics to achieve unique looks. Acrylic trees can be coated with a protective clear gloss layer and topped with "snow". Glazed and fired trees are painted with pottery glazes, receive an over glaze, and then are kiln fired. Fired trees can also receive "snow" after they have been fired. 

  14. How long does it take to get back glazed and fired trees? Our current turn around is 10 days. This is subject to change based on demand. If you are from out of town and need a rush fire there is an extra fee of $45 per kiln load and the trees will be delivered 48-72 hours after the party.

  15. How does delivery of glazed and fired trees work? We deliver all trees back to the party host to distribute to party guests. We do NOT ship trees due to concerns of breakage. 

  16. How do guests pay? We setup a special event page on our website. All guests must pre-register on the website via credit card or PayPal. If you have a special population that cannot pay via website this can be discussed on our call (register for your call at this link). All guest must register at least 5 days before the party date as all trees are special ordered. 

  17. How do I notify guests about our event? We setup a Facebook Event Page with you as a co-host. This is linked it to your Paint Your Wings event webpage. We also create a special email invite for you to send to your guests. By request, we can provide paper flyers. 

  18. What happens at event setup and breakdown? All tables and chairs must be setup before our arrival. Depending on the size of your event, we arrive at least 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the start time. We try to leave a gap of 20 minutes by the time we finish setting up and the start time for painting. We take about 45-75 minutes to breakdown after the last painters have finished. For events over 20 painters we will review the timeline with you for your specific party and setup.