Welcome to our



We are so excited to do this sale and for you to get some REALLY CHEAP pottery! 

We are selling JUST the bisque. We will not provide any paints or supplies and we will not glaze or fire any items from this sale. 

You can paint all of these items with acrylic paints of your own choice. We personally love Michael's Art Craft brand paints! 

Items will be available for pickup on 11/23/20 between 5:00-5:30pm at Boone Lowe's Foods (where the old cash points ATM was.)


Disclaimer: DO NOT ORDER IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE PICKUP. You can send someone in your place. I will not make any special exceptions for this sale.

Zero. Zilch. Nada. I appreciate your respect.

If you order and DON'T make the pickup I will refund your money minus:

a $5 service charge for orders under $50.00

a $10 service charge for orders between $50.01-$100.00

a $15 service charge for orders over $100.01

If you are in agreement with all information above; HAPPY SHOPPING!

It is our hope these items bring you great joy as you wrap up your year. There is so much to celebrate and painting brings so much light and hope to our world!